About Me

My name is Angelika Piatek and I am Chicago based interior photographer. I really enjoy the process of crafting  images. I love finding beauty in structures and the strange effect of shadows at a certain time of each day. Each space is unique and has a personality to express.

I approach projects with creative vision. I discuss my client’s needs to craft a project that becomes a form of a storytelling with a group of photos taken with an editorial point of view.

Photography can enamor the details and expressions that are often overlooked by the naked human eye. Taking risks in search of original compositions as well as inspirational places or objects tends to bring out the diamonds in the rough, resulting in stunning images. I get to work with extremely talented people, and I really respect and appreciate their hard work. My goal is to capture the essence of the space, show what the architect wanted to express  through design and the use of materials that allow the building to make a statement.

It’s a beautiful thing when passion and career come together.